Tips on Choosing the right Contractor

Locating different contractors around the Greater Toronto Area and getting "free quotes" may be the quick and easy way to start a renovation/construction project, but this may not be the best approach.  Asking for a quote without sitting down with a professional and discussing key design elements of your project, details of materials, and installation methods can severely underestimate your actual project costs and cost you more in the end.  


Planning without setting a budget is the biggest mistake an owner can make concerning their renovation or construction project. To accurately provide a quote, the scope of work must be well defined.  Free estimates without collecting all the details rarely include everything, and will ultimately lead to hidden costs that are outside of your budget.  


IMPORTANT NOTE: Most qualified and reputable contractors like ourselves, reject competitive bidding ('low-balling') just to get a job.  Detailed and comprehensive estimates involve a great amount of time and effort. Losing the job to a lower and possibly less accurate bid does not make sense to us as we value our reputation, workmanship, and want you to enjoy your new or renovated home or commercial building for years to come.  

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